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Our goal is to help you achieve higher academic success at school and not feel alone on this journey.
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CliQ simplifies collaboration with your classmates, helping you solve problems as a team to achieve better grades 🚀
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Together, you can accomplish much more

Use your ideas together to work toward completing homework or projects.

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Our messaging app makes it easy to share ideas and work with your classmates. Helping you boost your performance.

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Organize your messages

Threads allow you to keep your conversations seperate in each chat.

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Video chat

More private video calls

Focus on your call, not what's in the background.

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No more ditching on your group works

Tired of your groupmates avoiding their responsibilities? , CliQ Tasks makes it clear who is responsible for what.

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Make notes more effective

Organize your shared notes in one place with your group.

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Communicate as richly as you do in person.

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See who has read your messages

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Just paste in your code, and we will format it for you ✍️

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Send files, images or anything you want

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Give more granular access if you need to

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Made a mistake ?, dont worry you can undo it

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Easily reply to anyone message

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Mention anyone in large chats (Coming Soon)

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